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Create your own damn design: Know Your Ethnography, Avoid a Copyright Infringement Case: Tory Burch Vs The Camisola Poveira

How the names of 6,816 complexion products can reveal bias in beauty Extensively researched article about foundations, the range of colors in which they are available, and the names they are given. I had to think about that Oprah Winfrey episode sometime in the early 90s, about how racism permeates everything. Think of things like “skin color band aids” and “skin color tights” having my skin tone, and I’m almost as pale as Casper the Friendly ghost. That’s just really weird and really racist;

Councilman Mike Bonin Proposes Stopgap Homeless Housing Sites at L.A. Beaches

Dirty business: How Lush Cosmetics Tried to Crush a Union Drive

Perez Hilton Changed Gossip Blogging In The 2000s. Now He Says He’s Sorry. Interesting article about the truly horrible gossip culture in the 2000s. Also food for thought regarding things like regret, apologising and if you can be forgiven, and if so, to what level, and following from that: should certain people still get to have a platform?

It’s about time: ‘The Simpsons’ Actor Apologizes for Voicing 30 Years of Stereotyped Character Apu

Can’t we just get rid of this crap: How Facebook let fake engagement distort global politics: a whistleblower’s account

Often times, a person’s death feels less painful once more time has passed. Amy Winehouse’s death however, to me feels more and more unnecessary and painful now than it did 10 years ago, and the way she was treated just angers me more and more. Rhian Jones wrote an article about it: Amy Winehouse: the spiteful way she was treated still fills me with rage

A New Book on L.A.’s Historic Places Is Eye-Opening Even for Longtime Angelenos

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Years & Years – King (Official Video)

The Ataris – The Boys of Summer

Charli XCX – Unlock It (feat. Kim Petras and Jay Park) [Official Visualizer]

Rapid Fire (Leo P and the Velvet Trinity)

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Your own backyard A podcast about the disappearance and murder of Kristin Smart in 1996, that led to new activity and eventually the arrest of two suspects

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Blown away

The Toddler-to-Trainwreck Industrial Complex | Alyson Stoner

keepvogel – de uitvinding

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The fish doorbell! Info in English.

Pocket Piano Literally.

The dream is back:

Me, this entire month:

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The people of Las Vegas, it’s interesting to see how similar some of the tourists’ assumptions and expectations of Las Vegas are to Amsterdam;

Big Bunny is Back (article in Dutch, just click for the pic): Gigantisch konijn na restauratie terug in Westelijk Havengebied

The future of housing’: California desert to get America’s first 3D-printed neighborhood

I cried too: Tony Hawk Breaks Down In Tears After Landing Iconic ‘Ollie 540’ For Last Ever Time

Great piece by Zoetica about losing a friend to the “Manosphere”: Where Do Men Go When They Get Lost?

This bullshit needs to stop: Anti-Asian violence resourcesStop AAPI hate

It’s also a problem here in The Netherlands: “Anti-Aziatisch racisme is niet begonnen bij Corona” (Dutch) and a pre-Covid article about Chinese-Dutch youth who no longer “accept” anti-Asian discimination: Chinees-Nederlandse jongeren pikken racisme niet meer (Dutch)

How Local AAPI Organizers Are Responding to the Deadly Atlanta Attacks and the Rise in Anti-Asian Violence

I’m Asian, I’m Angry, and I Count

Co-founder of NYC’s 1st cat cafe defies anti-Asian bullying to help cats in need

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The Cure – Pictures Of You

Don Henley – The Boys Of Summer

Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You

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None in English

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A Band Called Death – Before There Was Punk

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Daft Punk – Alive 2007 (4K60 IMAX AR)


Remote-Controlled Light Up Clouds in 15 Minutes: Halloween Decoration, or Glowing Cloud Costume

Face Mask Warns to Stay Away and Responds to Voice: DIY LED Wearable Tech Project

Artists & Fandoms | Philosophy Tube

The Overlooked Connection Between ADHD and Sleep

Meet My Beat Ep.3 – “GUY.EXE” By Superfruit

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When it comes to fascist ideologies, there is no “middle ground”


In The Netherlands we’re voting for the members of the House of Representatives this week. By the time I post this, everybody has (not) voted and as usual the VVD party will win and things will sadly stay the same, but I wanted to write about my feelings in regards to a thing I’ve been seeing a lot these last few weeks, which is that “we” should “listen to each other’s points of view more”. This is usually followed by “polarization is a bad thing” and how we should find a “middle ground”.

Nope. I don’t think so. I feel literally zero desire to “take an interest” in points of view that basically add up to “some people need to have fewer or even no human rights”.

When you only have money for one pizza, one person wants pineapple, the other one doesn’t and there are no other options available, you’ll have to compromise. In this case, it’s easy: one half pineapple, the other half no pineapple, everybody gets what they want, everybody is happy.

When discussing percentages of taxes to pay, you discuss and haggle and figure out a percentage somewhere in the middle of what all parties want. Again, problem easily solved, everybody is happy.

But when it comes to things as human rights, these methods of compromising just don’t work. Say, you think everybody deserves to exist and have human rights regardless, and somebody else is like “Nah, I don’t agree with that”, how do you go about solving that? How do you get to that magical “middle ground”? Do you make groups? Do you separate them by age? Intelligence? Skin colour? By the level of illness or handicap? By if they are of use to society or not? By if you like their face or not?

It’s 2021. As far as I am concerned, people who believe that entire groups of people, some of which I belong to (despite being Casper hued I was the “blackest” kid at my high school – this is not a joke), should have fewer or even no human rights, can go fuck themselves. I don’t want any of these people in my life in any capacity, ever. Also the argument that “we should respect each other’s choices” is bullshit. I don’t respect people who choose to vote for fascists. And no, they’re not “nice people, asides from their beliefs”. They’re fascists or at least people who don’t mind voting for political parties that have fascist beliefs, which is completely unacceptable in itself.

Also, the whole “asides from their beliefs” thing probably makes sense when their beliefs are about groups you are not a part of or don’t give a shit about. I am a chronically ill “allochtoon” (= foreign of the “eligible for affirmative action”-kind, because despite what this article claims, Western foreigners are also considered “allochtoon” and “black” students) woman. Both my parents were refugees. There is no “asides from their beliefs”, their beliefs are about me and people like me. Their beliefs directly affect me and people like me, especially when made into policy. I spent my entire childhood being forced to prove my humanity and my worth, very often by adults. Later, I used my debating skills to try and make people see that discrimination, racism, and hatred of the LGBTQIA+ community is awful, unwarranted and should stop. Despite often changing people’s minds, I don’t feel that on the whole, this tactic was very effective, and these days I don’t have the mental energy to try to convince hateful assholes one by one of things that most other people consider to be completely normal.

There is more than enough knowledge easily available these days. If despite this, people choose to vote for political parties that openly propagate their fascist ideologies, then that’s a conscious choice they’re making. I however, am making the conscious decision to never waste another second of my life engaging in completely useless “discussions” with people who make such reprehensible life choices, and I sure as hell am not going to try to “find a middle ground” between their beliefs and mine, as that would only normalize their ideologies. Some ideologies are just plain wrong. Period.

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