This Month – April


Read – Online

Weaving the Burden of Student Loans: An Artistic Statement by Dutch Art Student Mart Veldhuis Brilliant;

Dame Mary Quant: Fashion designer dies aged 93

Why Missing Black Women and Kids Need an Ebony Alert System

The age of average Everything is decidedly mid;

House tour: a mid-century masterpiece in the Hollywood Hills designed by John Lautner *brb moving*

Wet Winter Rewards California with Superbloom So Big, It Can Be Seen From Space

Have we forgotten how to relax?

Life after Daft Punk: Thomas Bangalter on ballet, AI and ditching the helmet But what I really want to know is: “Are they still friends?”

Employees of Groningen drag bar attacked; Police investigating

Men in Eindhoven hurl abuse at lgbt+ support group for teenagers

Recovery of Black teen allegedly shot by White homeowner after ringing wrong doorbell is a miracle, attorney says

The Proclaimers removed from Coronation playlist due to “anti-monarchy views” Somebody must have not known anything about The Proclaimers;

Surinamese pensioners to get compensation for pension gap Finally!

Listened to – Music

David Bowie – I’m Afraid of Americans (Official Music Video)

Zdob şi Zdub & Advahov Brothers – Trenuleţul

Sting – Fortress Around Your Heart

America – A Horse With No Name (1972)

Linkin Park – In The End ( Rock Am Ring 2004 )

Linkin Park LIVE in Grand Central Station: “In the End”

Eurythmics, Annie Lennox, Dave Stewart – Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)

Sylvester (featuring Patrick Cowley) – Saturday Night Sylvester

Listened to – Podcasts

Sounds Like A Cult – The cult of heterosexuality The straights are not ok;

Stolen Hearts This story is A TRIP:

“Sergeant Jill Evans is a small town cop in Wales with an impressive record in her job, and a less than impressive record in her love life. After three engagements, two divorces and one affair, she’s beginning to worry that love is only true in fairy tales. That is until she meets: Dean. He’s a wealthy beauty entrepreneur with his own range of toiletries.

Girl meets boy. Boy meets girl. They kiss and fall in love. Roll credits.

But that would be boring, wouldn’t it? Instead, this is a love story like no other. It’s all going so well for Jill and Dean, until Halloween night, when Dean disappears. And Sgt. Jill is left to pick up the pieces”

Watched – Films and Documentaries

Zero Chill Two words: figure skating

Watched – TV and Youtube

The New Romantics (Documentary BBC)

Sweet Dreams: How Eurythmics Outraged America and Made MTV I New British Canon

A Deep Dive Into The Return Of My Chemical Romance

Inside a Legendary $16,000,000 Canyonside Mansion | On The Market | Architectural Digest

You’re not mad at Rory, you want her Stars Hollow lifestyle

How I faked being a billionaire so you could see NYC’s best views | Andi Schmied | TEDxVienna

Miscellaneous awesomeness

Suzuki is marking its 70th anniversary by releasing a new version of the Omnichord I want one;

Eurobridges Spijkenisse I definitely need to go on a field trip to see them!

Bolwoning Best. Thing. Ever.

Quiet space I so wish we had this at the University of Amsterdam (yes, we have two universities in Amsterdam, this is the VU one, as in: the one I’m not attending)

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This Month – March


Read – Online

Christiaan Huygens might have needed glasses

Pink Floyd Sparks Ire of Anti-Gay Haters No comment.

Illegal Short Term Rentals Become the Other L.A. Housing Crisis

A Black couple settles lawsuit over a home valuation that rose when a white friend posed as the owner

Augustine Schreuder-Gratama: The Architect Who Never Was

Threatened Tenants Want the Head of the L.A. Housing Department Out

Scottish first minister Sturgeon issues apology over forced adoption The Dutch state has refused to do so up to now. So cruel;

Backyard Parties: 1980s | East L.A.’s DJ Culture

These Photos Tell the Forgotten Story of LA’s Latinx Rave Scene in the 90s

No Prison Time for Book Thief

Much-loved Dutch comedian Wim de Bie dies at 83

Listened to – Music

Ren – Hi Ren

Henry Was – Between lines (demo)

Stromae – Papaoutai (Live)

Holiday Sidewinder – Why

Manu Chao – Bongo Bong (Official Music Video)

Listened to – Podcasts

Bone Valley

Party Crews: The Untold Story

Main Accounts: The Story of MySpace

Articles of Interest – The Clueless Closet

Watched – Films and Documentaries

Worst Kept Secret: The Subwoolfer Documentary

Watched – TV and Youtube

Paramore & Hayley Williams’ Love-Hate Relationship with “Misery Business”


Inside Rock Legend Flea’s $8,800,000 Hilltop Compound

MESSER (Mitch Grassi) FULL CONCERT SET Moroccan Lounge 1/14/23

The Geriatric Ravers Still Smashing Drugs: Gravers

Rodney Mullen Debuts New Tricks, Captured in 360 Degrees

Miscellaneous awesomeness

Amsterdam’s oldest privately owned house is for sale. Check out the amazing interior here.


This Month – February


Read – Online

Note: I mostly read articles in Dutch this month, about how drug use is getting out of hand here in Amsterdam in ways that have never been seen before, about how loneliness impacts people and the way others relate to them (spoiler: they avoid lonely people like the plague) and about how a 90 year old woman was SO done with her neighbour’s noisiness, that she whacked him with an iron pipe.

Exclusive: Skid Row’s Life-Saving Warming Stations Delayed for Months

How to Be 18 Years Old Again for Only $2 Million a Year

Study: Lack of Shade at Most L.A. Bus Stops Is a Health Hazard for Riders

Listened to – Music

Falco – Brillantin’ Brutal’ (Aus dem Film “Helden von Heute” 20.10.1984)

(HD) Falco – Vienna Calling | Live Frankfurt Alte Oper 1986

Falco – Rock Me Amadeus (Official Video)

Bronski Beat – Why ? (Official Music Video)

Kristin Hersh – Your Ghost (Official Video)

America – A Horse With No Name (1972)

Nelly Furtado – Say It Right (Official Music Video)

Blind Melon – No Rain

The La’s – There She Goes

Charles & Eddie – Would I Lie To You? (Official Video)

The Internet – Girl (Official Video) ft. KAYTRANADA

The Internet – Get Away (Official Video)

Listened to – Podcasts

To Live and Die in LA, season 2

The Cost of Happiness: Tony Hsieh

The Coldest Case in Laramie

Watched – Films and Documentaries


Watched – TV and Youtube

Meet My Beat Ep. 6 – “Sexy Ladies” By Superfruit

The Truth About Where Hair Extensions Come From | Shady | Refinery29


Miscellaneous awesomeness

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