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Who Is the Bad Art Friend?” A truly mindboggling combination of people who should have never been in each other’s vicinity: an emotionally hurt person who does not realise that they are capital-I-Intense, and who also has a hard time grasping the difference between friendliness and friendship, a person who is passive-agressively avoidant and who not only displays truly deplorable bullying behaviours, but also commits plagiarism and lies about it, and a group of people who posses the emotional maturity of a bunch of 14-year-old mean girls who enjoy making matters worse. This entire story is such an embarrassing cringefest, especially considering that everyone involved has been an adult for quite some time. It also does nothing to disprove the quite widely held belief that all writers(‘ groups) are (full of) mentally unstable raging assholes. Damn;

Homeless Encampments Banned in 54 Los Angeles Locations And where do they want people to go? Home? Oh, wait… It’s all just so unbelievably cruel;

Cambridge University college hands back looted cockerel to Nigeria It’s a start, but there’s still hundreds, possibly thousands of looted/stolen statues and other artefacts that need to be returned to their rightful owners: the countries where they were looted/stolen from. Apart from it being the right thing to do, the whole “but if we keep them, more people are able to see them”-excuse can’t be used anymore: there are so many ways of making work available (reproduction, 3D video, etcetera) in your museum, even if you don’t have the original. What also fascinates me, is the extreme worry and care we apparently feel for these artworks’ safety when it comes to returning them to the countries they were originally from, compared to the little worry we feel for refugees when sending them back to places that are actually proven to be unsafe.

I just found out that one of my biggest dance inspirations from my youth died last December: Adolfo ‘Shabba-Doo’ Quiñones, whose moves changed the face of dance, dies at 65

In February 2018, I posted the article The search for Jackie Wallace. I was thinking of that story last week and googled to see if there was any news, and there was: ‘You Ought To Do A Story About Me’ Tells True Story Of A Photographer And His Subject

Narcotic city: “this research project explores the discourses, imaginaries, practices and consequences of public drug use from the 1970s until the present, with a focus on Western and Central European cities”

When “cancel culture” means letting go Nuanced personal story on what it means when somebody who you’ve been a fan of (for ages) turns out to be a horrible person.

Listened to – Music

Bag Raiders – Way Back Home

Thumpasaurus – TALKIN’ BOUT (Official Music Video)

Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know (ft. The Basics & Monty Cotton)

Foxes – Sister Ray (Official Video)

Les Smashingue Pumpkines – Bullet with butterfly wings

Tame Impala cover Edwyn Collins ‘A Girl Like You’ for Like A Version

Tame Impala – Borderline (Official Audio)

Cobra Starship: Beautiful Life [OFFICIAL VIDEO] It’s not a comeback btw, just two previously unreleased tracks. Or so they claim.

Mory Kanté – Yé ké yé ké

Dragula – Rob Zombie (Too Many Zooz Cover)

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None in English

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When Nirvana Came to Britain

Watched – TV and Youtube

Spinning Out (Netflix) An extremely dramatic “standard dance movie”-style series about figure skating. I had muscle aches for two weeks after finishing this series. Note: there’s a couple of kinda gruesome injuries, a few of which are definitely impossible, that then don’t really get talked about, so they’re clearly for shock value. There’s probably somebody on the internet who’s figured out the exact time stamps to avoid.

Abstract: The Art of Design (Netflix) What the title says. I really love seeing the inspiration and work process of creators in vastly different disciplines.

Main Character Syndrome: Why You Should Be Self-Centered

What Dark Academia Says About Elite Education

The Myth of Postfeminism – Why the 00’s Were So Sexist

the problem with plastic surgery

The Body Positivity Movement Is Not So Positive Anymore…

Miscellaneous awesomeness

Shmoxd‘s (pronounced “Schmood”) entire channel