This Month – May


Read – Online

Island Depopulation: Can a small island like North Ronaldsay turn the tides? If I was in better health, I would definitely move here;

You’d Be Happier Living Closer to Friends. Why Don’t You? Been thinking about this article a lot. My first thought was “But what do you do when your friendship/friend group explodes in a spectacular way, and you’re forced to live among the fall out for decades because good luck finding other housing?”, but then I realised that lots of people have the same friends for most, if not all of their lives. Very curious what other people think of this?

Art graduate sells tapestry about student debt for the the amount of his student debt

Tina Turner Dies at 83 Absolute queen!

The dream! you can buy a lighthouse here: 2023 LIGHTHOUSE SEASON

Listened to – Music

Too Many Zooz ft. Michael Wilbur – “Rake Stepper” (Official Music Video)

The Smashing Pumpkins – Bullet With Butterfly Wings

It’s not funny: Afroman – Will You Help Me Repair My Door (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Paul Simon – Graceland (album)

Listened to – Podcasts

There Are No Girls on the Internet

Writer Presents: Sarah Maria Griffin

Flipping the Bird: Elon vs. Twitter As I like to quote an anonymous commenter on the internet: “My hatred for this ghoul burns brighter every day”;

Making, specifically the episodes on Kanye and Shonda Rhimes

Watched – Films and Documentaries

None in English

Watched – TV and Youtube

Tik Tok’s Overconsumption Problem

Miscellaneous awesomeness