Anti-bucket list


While doing my Year Compass, I at one point started to freak out because “There’s still SO MUCH I need to do!!!” Freaking out like this is not new to me, it of course ties in with everything I wrote about last week. Let’s just call it a hard habit to break. At some point, I decided to write an anti-bucket list, a list of things that I at least didn’t have to do. And while I’m afraid that I’m the only person who thinks my list is hilarious, I’ll post it anyway.

The top 12 things that I, LP, will not be doing in the coming year:

  1. Backpacking (because a top three nightmare way to travel);
  2. Camping, not even to Texel (a Dutch island I’ve been wanting to visit for 33 year, but not in a tent. No tents ever);
  3. Start a housing corporation (because oh boy drama);
  4. Become friends with my upstairs neighbour of 20 years (because [redacted due to mean – ed.]);
  5. Skydive, bungee jump, climb the Kilimanjaro or stand on anything higher than an IKEA Bekväm (because fear of hights):
  6. Go to Nijmegen (because me and Nijmegen, we don’t vibe – Oh, unless the Zooz do a club show there, then I’ll reconsider);
  7. Listen to Africa by Toto (never again!);
  8. Buy Maison Martin Margiela tabi boots (because leather and also costing 2 – 3 times my rent);
  9. Get an extra cat (because Willa is the best cat ever);
  10. Walk in stilletto heels (because still limping around with a cane, more on that next week);
  11. Participate in stupid challenges where you blindfold yourself and do the Kiki dance next to a driving car on the high way or whatever the challenge du jour is (needs no explanation);
  12. And especially for the people who’ve been following me for a long long time: I also won’t be going to Lowlands this year. Like every year.

And because no utterance on the internet is complete without a call to action: dear reader, what will you NOT be doing this year? I am actually really curious!

4 Responses
  • Samantha
    January 18, 2019

    Let’s see:

    – go bunjee jumping
    – swim with dolphins
    – go backpacking or camping
    – read 200 books this year
    – finish my entire video game backlog
    – start my own bussiness
    – go on a diet
    – get a dog (because Tali is staying with my parents for a reason)
    – dive from a cliff
    – go to Lowlands or an other music festival. Concert might happen, though

    • LP
      January 21, 2019

      Ooh! That’s a good list! I forgot the dolphins, I’m not doing that one either. Same on the 200 books, that’s just… too many books. 😀

  • Daphne
    February 8, 2019

    Off the top of my head, things I won’t be doing:

    – get my driving license
    – go on a diet of any kind
    – watch a Tarantino movie
    – try and meet a celebrity

    • LP
      March 10, 2019

      Yup, those are also all on my list! 😀