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Those who know me know that, despite appearances, I am not a spontaneous person. Which is why I won’t be doing the whole “Oh, I missed blogging SO MUCH that I just decided to start a new blog today!”-spiel, as that would be a pile of nonsense.

I started researching and reading up on topics I want to discuss on this blog in July 2016, before the end of my previous blog in August 2016. I thought long and hard about the why and the how of this new blog. And postponed the starting date a couple of times. And again. Because it “wasn’t the right time”. Because “my template is not yet how I want it to be”. Because “my bio isn’t done”. Because “I don’t know if, and if so, how I’m going to promote my blog”. Because “After The Studies”.

It is the 3rd January 2018. My template still doesn’t look exactly like I want it to, my bio isn’t finished, I still have no idea if, and if so, how I’m going to promote this blog, and no, I still haven’t graduated, as I haven’t picked up my thesis writing process due to it, you guessed it, not being the right time. And all this despite me knowing better: there is no “right time”. All this postponing is just me being scared to start doing things. So here we go:

Happy 2018! Welcome to Featured Mag (= short for magazine). My name is LP, you can see my face on the bottom of this page and my bio will happen ASAP. From this week on, there will be a blogpost – both in English and in Dutch – posted here every Wednesday. See? That wasn’t that hard. See you all next Wednesday!

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    January 3, 2018


    • LP
      January 3, 2018

      Yay! Commenting works too! 🙂