“Viktor & Rolf: Fashion Artists 25 Years” exhibit at Kunsthal Rotterdam


Last Sunday, I took a train to Rotterdam to visit the “Viktor & Rolf: fashion artist 25 years” exhibit at the Kunsthal. This exhibit is ongoing, the closing date is 30 September. During this period, the documentairy “Viktor & Rolf: Because We’re Worth It” is viewable online. Here are some pictures of my favorite works:

Bedtime Story Collection, ready-to-wear fall/winter 2005 – 2006

This is the same dress as above, but miniaturised and shown on a doll made specifically for this exhibit, that looks exactly like the model who originally wore this dress during the fashion show. Throughout the exhibit, there were several of these dolls, and no, I didn’t steal any of them. I wanted to, though.

Russian Doll Collection, haute couture fall/winter 1999 – 2000. All the clothes seen here, were worn by model Maggie Rizer simultaneously. For anyone curious as to what that looks like, here is a 16 minute video of the complete fashion show.

Russian Doll Collection, fourth and fifth preparation.

Russian Doll Collection. sixth preparation.

Russian Doll Collection, close up of the seventh preparation.

Le Parfum, 1996. Their first perfume: it had no smell and you Het eerste, geurloze en bovendien niet te openen parfum.

Hyères Collectie.

Red Carpet Dressing Collection, haute couture fall/winter 2014 – 2015. Made out of actual red carpet.

Vagabonds Collection haute couture, fall/winter 2016 -2017.

Vagabonds Collection haute couture, fall/winter 2016 -2017.

If you are able to visit this exhibit, please do! And yes, the drawn wallpaper is available for purchase in the gift shop for 29,95 euros per square meter.