This Month – June


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Rat Magawa retires: After Years Of Detecting Land Mines, A Heroic Rat Is Hanging Up His Sniffer

COVID Has Caused Millions to Lose their Sense of Smell—One Writer’s Journey to a Scentless Life and Back

Myspace-famous musician Dahvie Vanity was accused of child sex abuse for years. Now the FBI is involved. It’s been almost a year since this article, and as far as I know he’s still walking around somewhere. Fascinating, how that works?  /sarcasme

Arabelle wrote another interesting article: Dress-Coding: Arabelle Sicardi’s study of fashion vs. technology, weaving and code and gave an interview: Arabelle Sicardi’s Favorite Word to Say is “No.”

Singer Wes Madiko, author of the hit “Alane”, dies at the age of 57

The Modern Trap of Turning Hobbies Into Hustles

Chris Crocker, ‘Leave Britney Alone’ Video Creator, Reflects On What’s Changed

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Watched – Films and Documentaries

I went to the In-Edit music documentary festival and saw the following documentaries:

Sisters with transistors about female electronic music pioneers

Rockfield – the studio on the farm

Biography: The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne

Poly Styrene: I Am a Cliché

Watched – TV and Youtube

For the people who enjoy friendly competition shows: The Big Flower Fight

Before Are “Friends” Electric?: How Synth-Pop Became Synth-Pop


Miscellaneous awesomeness

Osomeegg, a vegan hard boiled egg. Unfortunately only available in Singapore at the moment.


This Month – May


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A 3D printed house project in The Netherlands I’d say *brb moving*, but they’re only prototypes for now;

Een schaap op zijn rug? A Dutch article on what to do when you find a sheep lying on its back. They unfortunately don’t have an English translation, but the comic explains it well. It is important to realise that sheep are not supposed to be on their backs and can actually die because of it, and to never roll them over their side: always go for the “grab them by the shoulders from behind, get them into a sitting position, then push them onto their feet”, as rolling them over can lead to a gastric torsion, which will kill them. Pass it on, save a life!

Billy Porter Breaks a 14-Year Silence: “This Is What HIV-Positive Looks Like Now”;

A Chance to Tame Your Inner Workaholic Great article, with the following quote: “The most engaged employees are those who put in face time at the office, WeWork’s CEO, Sandeep Mathrani, declared last week, while “those who are least engaged are very comfortable working from home.” This is from a man whose livelihood depends on the profitability of commercial real estate. It’s as if the Staples chief executive said the most engaged workers are the ones who use the most Post-It notes”. Amazing;

This Beverly Boulevard Landmark Used to Be the Heart and Soul of L.A.;

The Citizens of Skid Row: A View from Inside the Hub of L.A.’s Unhoused Community;

Echo Park Lake Is Open Again, but the Impact of Its Closure Will Stick Around;

Eat just raised record $170 million to replace chicken with lab-grown meat in our lifetime Now that would be great;

Why Are We Still Describing Perfumes as Oriental? Yeah, let’s stop doing that.

Listened to – Music

Nelly Furtado – Say It Right (Official Music Video)

Nick Kamen – Each Time You Break My Heart – 1986

Mitch Grassi – YOUR POWER (billie eilish cover)

The Housemartins – Caravan Of Love {Live}

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Watched – Films and Documentaries

School of Rock

Watched – TV and Youtube

The Paradox of Cottagecore | Rejecting Hustle Culture

Larnell Lewis Hears “Enter Sandman” For The First Time And then immediately plays it. I know.

Why is Influencer Culture SO Toxic!? *let’s talk about it*

why all your favorite celebrities have rich parents

Miniature “Kiki’s Delivery Service” House diorama // Studio Ghibli Crafts

Yo-Yo Ma Answers Cello Questions From Twitter

Why Lena Dunham Remains Unlikeable

The Downfall of the “GIRL BOSS”…

Miscellaneous awesomeness


This month – April


Read – Online

Create your own damn design: Know Your Ethnography, Avoid a Copyright Infringement Case: Tory Burch Vs The Camisola Poveira

How the names of 6,816 complexion products can reveal bias in beauty Extensively researched article about foundations, the range of colors in which they are available, and the names they are given. I had to think about that Oprah Winfrey episode sometime in the early 90s, about how racism permeates everything. Think of things like “skin color band aids” and “skin color tights” having my skin tone, and I’m almost as pale as Casper the Friendly ghost. That’s just really weird and really racist;

Councilman Mike Bonin Proposes Stopgap Homeless Housing Sites at L.A. Beaches

Dirty business: How Lush Cosmetics Tried to Crush a Union Drive

Perez Hilton Changed Gossip Blogging In The 2000s. Now He Says He’s Sorry. Interesting article about the truly horrible gossip culture in the 2000s. Also food for thought regarding things like regret, apologising and if you can be forgiven, and if so, to what level, and following from that: should certain people still get to have a platform?

It’s about time: ‘The Simpsons’ Actor Apologizes for Voicing 30 Years of Stereotyped Character Apu

Can’t we just get rid of this crap: How Facebook let fake engagement distort global politics: a whistleblower’s account

Often times, a person’s death feels less painful once more time has passed. Amy Winehouse’s death however, to me feels more and more unnecessary and painful now than it did 10 years ago, and the way she was treated just angers me more and more. Rhian Jones wrote an article about it: Amy Winehouse: the spiteful way she was treated still fills me with rage

A New Book on L.A.’s Historic Places Is Eye-Opening Even for Longtime Angelenos

Listened to – Music

Years & Years – King (Official Video)

The Ataris – The Boys of Summer

Charli XCX – Unlock It (feat. Kim Petras and Jay Park) [Official Visualizer]

Rapid Fire (Leo P and the Velvet Trinity)

Listened to – Podcasts

Your own backyard A podcast about the disappearance and murder of Kristin Smart in 1996, that led to new activity and eventually the arrest of two suspects

Watched – Films and Documentaries


Watched – TV and Youtube

Blown away

The Toddler-to-Trainwreck Industrial Complex | Alyson Stoner

keepvogel – de uitvinding

Miscellaneous awesomeness

The fish doorbell! Info in English.

Pocket Piano Literally.

The dream is back:

Me, this entire month:

Especially for the non-morning people:


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