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This Month – March


Read – Online

The people of Las Vegas, it’s interesting to see how similar some of the tourists’ assumptions and expectations of Las Vegas are to Amsterdam;

Big Bunny is Back (article in Dutch, just click for the pic): Gigantisch konijn na restauratie terug in Westelijk Havengebied

The future of housing’: California desert to get America’s first 3D-printed neighborhood

I cried too: Tony Hawk Breaks Down In Tears After Landing Iconic ‘Ollie 540’ For Last Ever Time

Great piece by Zoetica about losing a friend to the “Manosphere”: Where Do Men Go When They Get Lost?

This bullshit needs to stop: Anti-Asian violence resourcesStop AAPI hate

It’s also a problem here in The Netherlands: “Anti-Aziatisch racisme is niet begonnen bij Corona” (Dutch) and a pre-Covid article about Chinese-Dutch youth who no longer “accept” anti-Asian discimination: Chinees-Nederlandse jongeren pikken racisme niet meer (Dutch)

How Local AAPI Organizers Are Responding to the Deadly Atlanta Attacks and the Rise in Anti-Asian Violence

I’m Asian, I’m Angry, and I Count

Co-founder of NYC’s 1st cat cafe defies anti-Asian bullying to help cats in need

Listened to – Music

The Cure – Pictures Of You

Don Henley – The Boys Of Summer

Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You

Listened to – Podcasts

None in English

Watched – Films and Documentaries

A Band Called Death – Before There Was Punk

Watched – TV and Youtube

Daft Punk – Alive 2007 (4K60 IMAX AR)


Remote-Controlled Light Up Clouds in 15 Minutes: Halloween Decoration, or Glowing Cloud Costume

Face Mask Warns to Stay Away and Responds to Voice: DIY LED Wearable Tech Project

Artists & Fandoms | Philosophy Tube

The Overlooked Connection Between ADHD and Sleep

Meet My Beat Ep.3 – “GUY.EXE” By Superfruit

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This Month – February


Read – Online

In “Sadly unsurprising, yet still absolutely horrifying”: He “Horrifically Abused Me for Years”: Evan Rachel Wood and Other Women Make Allegations of Abuse Against Marilyn Manson;

How Joss Whedon’s feminist legacy unraveled. None of this is really news to anyone who hung around Buffy fan circles, or who read the article written by his ex-wife several years ago: Joss Whedon Is a ‘Hypocrite Preaching Feminist Ideals,’ Ex-Wife Kai Cole Says

Interesting first person narrative about living with dyspraxia;

The rise and spectacular fall of Venice Beach’s Pacific Ocean Park;

Daft Punk break up. This was their announcement: Daft Punk – Epilogue;

Commodity Fragrances however, is back in business. No clue how I’m going to get their stuff here in The Netherlands, but that’s a concern for later;

Becca, of highligher fame, calls it quits: Becca Cosmetics Is Going Out of Business;

Listened to – Music

Leo P and the Velvet Trinity – Leopolitan

SOPHIE – Let me see ya ft. Big Freedia

Deerful – Just like we never said goodbye (SOPHIE cover)

LUCIANBLOMKAMP & Rosebud Leach – BIPP – SOPHIE w/ Show Me Love – Robin S

Pentatonix – Coffee in Bed

Daft Punk – Around the world – 10 hour version!

Jimmy Edgar & MESSER – READY2DIE One word: VOCAL.

Listened to – Podcasts

Iarla Ó Lionáird in conversation with Peter Gabriel

Watched – Films and Documentaries


Watched – TV and Youtube

How Mac Miller Created a Musical Circle

The Fake Socialite Who Scammed New York’s Elite

Peter Gabriel & Youssou N’Dour – In Your Eyes (Live)

I Made a Witch Hat to Wear in Everyday Life Because ~✨Fashion✨~

I Bought an Abandoned Victorian Mansion! House Tour Time. Please note: from 20:45 to 21:05 there’s a shot of a naturally mummified squirrel body, who passed away in the house a long time ago

Uliana Lopatkina – Dying swan

Storytime: My First Goth Date, 2001…With The Boy From The Club! Dorian is an amazing storyteller, it actually feels like you were there when it all happened.

The Story Of Faithless’ ‘Insomnia’ | The Making Of A Dance Anthem

Paint With Me! | Landscapes on Mini Canvases

making my custom disney shoes – a tutorial!

Miscellaneous awesomeness

I haven’t laughed this hard in MONTHS:


This Month – January


Read – Online

50 Years After His Big Debut, Watts-Bred Artist Timothy Washington Gets His Due

I Made a Linguistics Professor Listen to a Blink-182 Song and Analyze the Accent One of my favorite pop linguistics articles, so I’ve probably posted it before, but here it is again;

The Artist Who Drew With Computers, Before Computers Were a Thing

38 ideas for 30-day self-experiments

Heartbreaking and upsetting news: ‘Visionary’ music producer Sophie dies aged 34

Listened to – Music

Michael Davidson – Turn It Up Brains work in mysterious ways: I literally hadn’t thought about this song since 1988 (it’s on the soundtrack of the Madonna movie “Who’s that girl?”), and then it suddenly popped up. It’s, as the kids would say, a bona fide 80s banger.

Listened to – Podcasts


Watched – Films and Documentarie

Once were brothers, a documentaire about Robbie Robertson and The Band (which is the best band name ever, by the way);

I have Netflix now, so I watched the following documentaries:

The Show Must Go On: The Queen + Adam Lambert Story

Gaga: Five Foot Two

Joan Didion: The Center will not hold

Watched – TV and Youtube

Queer Eye Yes, all five seasons;

Next in Fashion A fashion design contest show;

The Sick Girl Trope, Explained;

If they can’t fit pockets in our clothes, we’ll bring back POCKETS AS FASHION.

Small Cool Winner: KC’s 280 Square Foot Apartment in NYC | House Tours

The Story of ‘Last Resort’ by Papa Roach

Goodbyes and New Beginnings | Stef Sanjati

Miscellaneous awesomeness