This Month – April


A short list this month, as I’ve been very busy researching and reading for my studies. A separate post about the documentaries I saw during the IN-EDIT music documentary festival is coming up!

Read – Online

Pamela Rooke, punk rock fashion icon known as Jordan, dies aged 66

WeHo Political Donor Ed Buck Gets 30 Years for Drug Poisonings “Drug Poisonings”, that’s a way of describing the absolute horrors that transpired. Note: be careful looking into this case. I have seen/heard Some Shit in my life, but this case is just so horrendous on all levels ;

Garden Visit: The University of California Botanical Garden at Berkeley

Musicians want us to pay closer attention at gigs. Let’s do them the courtesy And if you can’t or don’t want to, just turn on Spotify or a streaming video of a show, and stay home. Bonus: you can put your crate of beer next to you, so you don’t have to walk back and forth all the damn time;

The Number of Homeless Men Dying in L.A. Has Exploded My theory for the lack of a decent solution to the homeless crisis in California was, that the fact that it’s sunny over there plays a big role: they’re not freezing to death en masse, so there’s not as much of an incentive to help them. Yeah, that’s BLEAK. Anyway, I’m curious if now that people ARE dying in large numbers, things will improve at a fast pace. I really hope so, but I’m not holding my breath;

Comedian Rebecca Corry on Why the Louis C.K. Sexual Harassment Story is Finally Becoming Part of Her Act Quote: “”This bullshit about the predators being the ones who get canceled is a cute idea, but not true,” says the comic, whose story has come back into focus in light of C.K.’s shocking Grammy win”.

Unsurprising: The gender biases that shape our brains

Listened to – Music

The Bangles – Be With You (Video Version)

Robbie Williams – Lovelight

Listened to – Podcasts
None in English.

Watched – Films and Documentaries

The Andy Warhol Diaries (Netflix)

Watched – TV and Youtube

Nothing of importance, apparently?

Miscellaneous awesomeness

Randy van Merwijk is de grootste HEMA-fan van Nederland: ‘Mijn verzameling is nooit compleet’ Article in Dutch on Randy van Merwijk, who has a museum sized HEMA collection.