This month – August


Read – Online

How to burn out as quickly as possible.

What happens when sex positivity feels like pressure?

How to be a woman.

Overtoursim isn’t an Amsterdam problem, it’s a problem everywhere: do your part and stay home.

How Lowlands set the trend for a new kind of festival.

Madonna turned 60. Dancer Carlton Wilborn reminisces on his days working with her.

Today in “Yeah, no”: making money telling other people how they can become as prosperous as you just by being frugal, but it turning out you already had quite a bit of money to begin with.

Another reason to stay home: post holiday grief.

When LA had seasons.

Lindsay Kemp, dancer extraordinaire, passed away this month at 80 years old.

A Turkish whistle language is disappearing due to cell phones.

Coyotes in LA. I was reminded of this comic:

Listened to – Music

It was a David Bowie kinda month.

Listened to – Podcasts

De Machine, a Dutch podcast about the music industry.

Watched – Films and Documentaries

According to my list, none. Which surprises me a lot too.

Watched – TV and Youtube

Love me Tinder. The Tinder documentary I now don’t have to make anymore. *strikes “Tinder documentary” from to do list*

How to cook tofu like a boss.

Adam Rippon breaks down figure skating movies.

What happens when a night owl wakes up early.

Big Boi’s Favorite Verse: Kate Bush’s “Running up that hill”.

Miscellaneous awesomeness

Willa and I getting our window back after 9 1/2 weeks: