This Month – December


Read – Online

British Museum confirms talks over Parthenon Marbles It’s about time;

Putin signs law expanding Russia’s rules against ‘LGBT propaganda’;

2ManyDJs on 20 accidental years of mashups and mayhem: ‘It’s more fun when it’s a little bit naughty’;

Jonathan, the world’s oldest tortoise, marks his 190th with fanfare and salad cake;

Creative people: A note on the creative class by Bucket Siler;

Runaway Teenager Killed in Long Beach Identified After 44 Years Quote: “Kenny, as his family called him, ran away a lot, according to his sister. However, he always came back. When he didn’t return that last time, they looked for him, and hired a private investigator. But eventually they assumed he’d started a new life somewhere. They never reported him missing”. A kid that “runs away a lot”, hiring a private detective but never reporting him missing, assuming he started “a new life somewhere” at 15: all completely normal behavior of course;

Chateau Marmont Staff Wins Union Contract in Bruising Years-Long Battle;

Point Reyes Lighthouse’s rebirth: Mystery solved, $5 million renovation done Are they looking for a live in care taker?

In the Natural Hair Community, Inclusivity Is a Moving Target;

Faithless lead singer Maxi Jazz dies aged 65;

Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss, Former ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’ DJ and ‘SYTYCD’ All-Star, Dead at 40;

How Rui Da Silva’s progressive house hit ‘Touch Me ft. Cassandra’ broke the pop mould;

Andrew Tate: Romanian police to hold influencer for 30 days Let this please be the beginning of the end of his “influencer” status;

Dame Vivienne Westwood: fashion designer dies aged 81;

Today in “Unsurprising”: Study Shows L.A. ‘Street Sweeps’ Are Not Helping the Homeless;

Spielberg tells of guilt over harm hit film Jaws may have done to sharks And rightfully so!

December was P-22’s month:

Mountain Lion Stalking Hollywood Hills Will Be Captured;

P-22, L.A.’s Favorite Free-Roaming Cougar, is Caught: Could Be Killed;

P-22, L.A.’s Beloved Hometown Cougar, Has Been Euthanized;

P-22, Hollywood’s celebrity mountain lion, ends his reign;

P-22, L.A. celebrity mountain lion, euthanized due to severe injuries;

SoCal Native Americans Urge Tribal Burial for P-22 Cougar in Griffith Park;

A Eulogy for P-22, A Mountain Lion Who Changed the World;

Stunning photos of L.A.’s celebrity mountain lion P-22.

Listened to – Music

Francis and the Lights – See Her Out

TEEMID – Electric Feel

Rui Da Silva – Touch Me ft. Cassandra

Listened to – Podcasts

Heavyweight – Another Roadside Attraction “When Stephanie was in high school, a bookstore seemingly dropped out of the sky into her small Texas town. Then, just as quickly, it was gone”. This one is HEAVY. You have been warned.

Watched – Films and Documentaries

Everything – The Real Thing Story

Homemade – Phyllida Barlow

Art in the Twenty-First Century: Chris Ware in “Chicago”

Candy The Candy Dulfer documentary.

Watched – TV and Youtube

The Commodification of Fall | Internet Analysis

Her TINY HOUSE is the size of a garage, & it’s really cute!

Daddy Issues Onscreen – Why Our Culture Mocks Abandonment

The Absurd Logistics of Concert Tours Not that absurd if you ask me, but interesting nonetheless

First on SoundCloud ’22: A spotlight on EKKSTACY

Miscellaneous awesomeness

(re)Discoveries An art fair for artists who either started making art later in life, or got recognition later in life;

On the wall: Museum Beleving – Noses;

*BRB moving* The Futuro House by Matti Suuronen;

There is one where you can stay the night Futuro House at Marston Park;

Science Inspired Jewelry;

The Gävle Goat stayed up this year!