This Month – February


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A Photographer Explores Southern California’s Desert Ruins

For survivors of sexual assault, Kobe Bryant’s legacy is complicated

Adventures in Publishing Outside the Gates

How Toto’s ‘Africa’ Became the New ‘Don’t Stop Believin”

The Unsolved Case of the Most Mysterious Song on the Internet

The Wellness Influencers Who Never Drink Water

How to reduce ‘attention residue’ in your life. Mundane chores take up our time and headspace. Bundling life admin into specific time slots – known as GYLIO – might be the ultimate act of self-care.

A quick story about living in a van down by the river. Fun story, although it’s important to note that voluntarily choosing to live in a van down by the river is a privileged choice.

When living apart keeps you together. For some couples, sharing their hearts doesn’t mean sharing a home.

Celebrating the Life and Career of Katherine Johnson. The extremely influential NASA mathematician passed away at 101 years of age.

YouTube Shuts Down ‘lofi hip hop radio’ Livestream, Sends Internet Into a Frenzy. Thankfully, the stream is back up now.

Listened to – Music

Too Many Zooz – Full Session Paste Studio ATL (Atlanta, GA), 01/16/2020.

Ciara ft. Chamillionaire – Get Up

“Twin Temple bring you their signature sound… satanic doo-wop”. Exactly what it says on the tin. You can find them on Spotify.

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oops! i moved to NYC!

0:21 / 21:35 Using a Clever Pottery Technique to Make a Ceramic Fruit Bowl | Où se trouve: Studio Laroche

Made a ZINE in 24 hours on RISO printing

Roxette – The Look | Het verhaal achter het nummer

Walk Run Cha-Cha: How a Couple Found Love on the Dance Floor. The Oscar-nominated Op-Doc “Walk Run Cha-Cha” profiles Paul and Millie Cao, who reunited in California after the Vietnam War. Forty years later, they are rediscovering themselves on the dance floor.

Making a Zine: My Complete Process

BTS Carpool Karaoke

Miscellaneous awesomeness

Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Strandbeest Model Kit