This Month – February


It was short, it was sweet: this month marked the absolute highlight of my zine carreer. An interview with me was posted on the blog of the London College of Fashion Library’s Special Collections, which you can read here. More about my zines and other creative work can be found on my LP in progress site.

Like always, the books I’ve read this month can be found on my Goodreads. Spoiler: no books were finished this month, mostly because the books I’m currently reading are both large and heavy to carry, and I tend to do most of my reading on the train. I’ll do better next month.

Read – Online

The Search for Jackie Wallace. An arcticle I just bumped into while reading something else completely, that keeps haunting me. About talent, fame, and what happens after. Not a happy read, but excellently written.

Tina Sosna blog. Mostly pictures, sometimes accompanied by text. An atmospheric blog.

The Great Discontent, for anyone who enjoys long read interviews with artists about their lives, their development and their process. Also has great pictures.

Today is not over yet by Alexandra Franzen. THE blogpost for those days (weeks, months, years) where you feel that you just want to give up, because it doesn’t matter anyway, it’s already [insert time], it’s not going to happen. For those wanting more inspiration, Alexandra has bundled a couple of her posts into a “Today is not over yet” mini audiobook, that you can listen to here on Soundcloud.

Listened to – Music

Vanilla – Origin. The description says: “‘Origin’ is a collection of seventeen instrumentals made over the past year built around a range of soul, jazz, funk and electronic samples” and I have nothing to add to that.

Listened to – Podcasts

Reply All podcast, the episode about Livejournal. Truth is stranger than fiction. No, but really.

Watched – Films and Documentaries

Verlaten. Dutch documentary about what being left by your (long term) partner can do to people’s lives and their sense of self. Intimate though nuanced and subdued documentary.

We Margiela. From the beginning to the “end”: the history of the Martin Margiela fashion house, as told by all the people who lived it. Except for Martin Margiela himself of course. Great documentary that shows how, despite everybody doing their best and having the company’s best interest at heart, things can still go awry.

Buying the Band. The absolute, undisputed best documentary of this month. Dutch documentary (English is spoken though) about a businessman with a childhood dream: he wants to be the drummer of The Wild Romance, the backing band of the late Dutch rockstar Herman Brood, and build up a long lasting European career with them. It’s about childhood dreams, business minded thinking, being in a band (that Hard Times article titled “I Missed Being in a Band, So I Started Dating Five People Who Hate Each Other” comes to mind), Nina Hagen and owning 44 cars. Just watch this documentary.

Watched – TV and Youtube

Lucy Moon, more specifically this video.

Conan Gray makes music and videos about his life.

Cat Creature studies at the Rhode Island School of Design and makes diary-like videos about her life.

DREAL “Respiration”. An ancient video I still dream about regularly. Such a brilliant dancer.

Ink Master – Meesters van de Lage Landen seizoen 2. Where in the US version they tend to yell at each other (scripted of course), in Dutch version they’re just all super nice to each other. Fun drama free reality tv: it’s possible.

Miscellaneous awesomeness

The new V&A museum in Dundee. It opens in September 2018 and IT’S A BOAT! I mean, it looks like one. I’m not much of a boat person, but this is kinda epic. Here’s a drone video of the building in progress.

Google feud! For all those long hours spent bored in the waiting room when you forgot your book.

Rachel Burke makes clothes out of tinsel. This is her instagram and this is her shop.

Next week there’ll be a new post up here on Featured Mag! See you on Wednesday!

2 Responses
  • Rose
    February 28, 2018

    So many great suggestions for things to check out! Also…the clothes made out of tinsel….I never knew how badly I needed a tinsel dress…

    • LP
      March 1, 2018

      I know right! *dreams of tinsel wardrobe* 😀