This Month – July


Read – Online

As A Black Woman I Know Too Much About White Hair

We are a collective of people who have been targeted and manipulated by Warren Ellis, author.

Women speak out about Warren Ellis: ‘Full and informed consent was impossible’

‘Cancel Culture’ Is How the Powerful Play Victim

Mind the Gap: a handbook of clinical signs on black and brown skin

“The function, the very serious function of racism is distraction. It keeps you from doing your work. It keeps you explaining, over and over again, your reason for being. Somebody says you have no language and you spend twenty years proving that you do. Somebody says your head isn’t shaped properly so you have scientists working on the fact that it is. Somebody says you have no art, so you dredge that up. Somebody says you have no kingdoms, so you dredge that up. None of this is necessary. There will always be one more thing.” – Toni Morrison

Why Marie Kondo’s method is ideal for my ADHD

Kansai Yamamoto: Japanese fashion designer dies

Remembering Zizi Jeanmaire, the Dancer Extraordinaire Who Inspired Yves Saint Laurent

Listened to – Music

Gotye “Somebody That I Used To Know” (ft. The Basics & Monty Cotton)

Linkin Park – In The End (Live from Red Square)

Leo P – From Home (featuring my dad)

Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande – Rain On Me (Official Music Video)

Hella Sketchy – Demon With A Halo

Listened to – Podcasts

None in English

Watched – Films and Documentaries


Watched – TV and Youtube

The Cheerleader: How Bring It On Evolved the Archetype

The History of Queer Coding

I Solved The Disappearance Of My Dad’s Best Friend A perfect example of why, if you cherish great memories about a certain situation, it might be best to leave things in the past.

Tattoos On Black / POC | IT CAN BE DONE!!

Nile Rodgers Tells The Story of “Let’s Dance”

The Story of Pulp and “Common People”

The Last Bronycon: a fandom autopsy

The Girl From Ipanema is a far weirder song than you thought

Miscellaneous awesomeness