This month – July


Read – Online

Interesting: L.A. Is Now a Certified Wildlife Habitat. Here’s Why It’s a Big Deal
And in yet another instance of “criminalise homelessness, in a roundabout way this time”: L.A. City Council Approves a Controversial Anti-Camping Ordinance
Is Earth’s Inbox Full? How virtual inboxes and other cloud based services waste physical energy, and what you can do to change that..

Geluisterd – Muziek

If Blink 182 Wrote ‘A Thousand Miles’ by Vanessa Carlton
PinkPantheress – Passion (Official Audio)
Dee Gees – Hail Satin The Foo Fighters’ disco album. Yup, you read that right.
The Cure – Pictures Of You In case you need a good cry.
Scooter – Posse (I Need You On The Floor)(Official Video HQ)

Geluisterd – Podcasts


Gezien – Films en documentaires

TINA (2021), the Tina Turner documentary. An honest documentary about her difficult life. I was very impressed by  how she didn’t choose a toxic positive interpretation, but instead chose to show her life as she experienced it.

Gezien – TV en Youtube

Pacific Crest Trail Series by lena Osborne, trail name Tip Tap;
Dave Grohl Inspired By Disco Drum Beats That explains the disco album.

Diverse leutigheden

The Mini-Oramics Machine designed by synthesiser pioneer Daphne Oram, built by Tom Richards, who used her notes. He also extensively studied her and her work, to the point that he wrote a thesis about her, downloadable at the bottom of the page linked. Super interesting!