This month – March


Read – Online

The Dutch language department at the VU University in Amsterdam has ceased to exist. Emma van Meijeren advises the faculty to look inward to understand why this has happened.

Keith Flint passed away.

Delete Never: The Digital Hoarders Who Collect Tumblrs, Medieval Manuscripts, and Terabytes of Text Files.

An interview with Taylor Jenkins Reid, author of the book Daisy Jones & The Six, that I finished in one day earlier this month.

An Echo Park Man Is Taking a Stand Against People Who Are Bad at Street Parking.

Arabelle Sicardi writes about How our online beauty buys are being used to identify us as customers and criminals.

A new month, a new scandal in beauty land: Kat von D’s attempt at damage control is highly unsuccesful.

One of her ex-boyfriends who is a member of Mötley Crüe, tries a similar thing: “Nikki Sixx on Rape Story in Motley Crue Memoir: ‘I Have No Clue Why It’s in There’“.

And finally: Netflix’s Mötley Crüe movie ‘The Dirt’ highlights why a musical #MeToo reckoning is so difficult. And no, I haven’t seen the film, nor am I going to.

Listened to – Music

“Shape of you” Ed Sheeran cover (Anna Straker on Pocket Operators).

Storytime with LP: once upon a time a very very long ago, I found myself by myself on the dance floor of a mediocre club during a high school party. As in: I was literally the only person on the dance floor, the rest of the attendees were getting their liquor on at the bar. #thispartysucks Anyway, I was busting some moves when all of a sudden the best track EVER was played. For years and years I’ve tried to find it, and now I have. Have a listen and go bezerk: Chicken Techno

Mark Ronson, just drop the rest of this demo, ok? It must have been an illusion. To compensate for that godawful cover of “Bongo Bong” you produced. #neverforget

Listened to – Podcasts

It was a month without podcasts.

Watched – Films and Documentaries

The Matrix.

Watched – TV and Youtube

The Broken Formula of Music Biopics

IKEA Hacking: Upcycling a Drawer Unit (Moppe)


Inside Japan’s Chicano Subculture. Strange. Very strange.

Antiqueseller Alex buys an entire and very full house. Of course this is only the beginning of an amazing story, which he shares in his The Potters House series.

Hasan Minhaj takes a look at the iconic streetwear brand Supreme.

DIY Old Farmhouse Using Cardboard Boxes.

Miscellaneous awesomeness

Alice Potts makes art out of sweat. Yes, this sentence is correct.