This Month – March


Read – Online

Christiaan Huygens might have needed glasses

Pink Floyd Sparks Ire of Anti-Gay Haters No comment.

Illegal Short Term Rentals Become the Other L.A. Housing Crisis

A Black couple settles lawsuit over a home valuation that rose when a white friend posed as the owner

Augustine Schreuder-Gratama: The Architect Who Never Was

Threatened Tenants Want the Head of the L.A. Housing Department Out

Scottish first minister Sturgeon issues apology over forced adoption The Dutch state has refused to do so up to now. So cruel;

Backyard Parties: 1980s | East L.A.’s DJ Culture

These Photos Tell the Forgotten Story of LA’s Latinx Rave Scene in the 90s

No Prison Time for Book Thief

Much-loved Dutch comedian Wim de Bie dies at 83

Listened to – Music

Ren – Hi Ren

Henry Was – Between lines (demo)

Stromae – Papaoutai (Live)

Holiday Sidewinder – Why

Manu Chao – Bongo Bong (Official Music Video)

Listened to – Podcasts

Bone Valley

Party Crews: The Untold Story

Main Accounts: The Story of MySpace

Articles of Interest – The Clueless Closet

Watched – Films and Documentaries

Worst Kept Secret: The Subwoolfer Documentary

Watched – TV and Youtube

Paramore & Hayley Williams’ Love-Hate Relationship with “Misery Business”


Inside Rock Legend Flea’s $8,800,000 Hilltop Compound

MESSER (Mitch Grassi) FULL CONCERT SET Moroccan Lounge 1/14/23

The Geriatric Ravers Still Smashing Drugs: Gravers

Rodney Mullen Debuts New Tricks, Captured in 360 Degrees

Miscellaneous awesomeness

Amsterdam’s oldest privately owned house is for sale. Check out the amazing interior here.