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Man Ray’s “Le Violon d’Ingres” becomes the most expensive photograph ever sold

SoCal Woman Heartbroken, Not Broke in Online Keanu Reeves Scam This is not judgement, just curiosity: why would you assume that a person you don’t know, would contact you out of the blue? Especially considering this person is world famous? I understand how a regular person you meet on some app can turn out to catfish you, but in this case: you do not know this person. They don’t know you. They have a well-published relationship. They are very, very famous. There has never been any kind of direct contact. Why would they reach out to you and start romancing you? How would that make sense? I am so curious to what happens inside somebody’s mind at this point, what kind of thought process gets activated that overrides conventional logic and makes a person believe that this is definitely happening. Super interesting stuff;

Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe painting sold for record-breaking $195m

Human rights college: hospital discriminated against transgender man

Families displaced by Dodger Stadium start official petition for reparations and other demands

Almere agrees with statue Enith Brigitha

Vangelis, Composer Best Known for ‘Chariots of Fire,’ Dies at 79

The Far-Out Futuristic Fashions of Designer Larry LeGaspi

Rick Owens Loves Larry LeGaspi—And You Should, Too

Depeche Mode’s Andrew Fletcher dies aged 60

Let’s Chat With Musician Mitch Grassi!

The Missing Middle On how there is no “middle housing” in Toronto

‘We were a different side of the 80s. Not the Duran Duran 80s’: the return of Propaganda

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A-ha – Take on Me – Afas Live Amsterdam

The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu – It’s Grim Up North (Official Video)

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None in English.

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Fanny: The Right to Rock

The Sparks Brothers

I Get Knocked Down


I’m Wanita

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A-ha! I See What He’s Doing…

GEMS (tie dye)

Miscellaneous awesomeness

Een brommertje, a Dutch article about city development photographer Jusopo Muhamad Arsath Ro’is, who always put his “brommertje” (moped) in his pictures, “Where is Waldo?”-style.