This Month – November


Read – Online

The Last of the Great American Hobos

Kylie Minogue: ‘I was searching for my favourite Manolos. Then I remembered: they’re in the V&A’

Gal Costa was a flamboyant revolutionary in Brazilian music

New Study Looks at Link between L.A. Infrastructure Fails and Flood Risks

The death of the girlboss

Millennials want to live a ‘soft life,’ and it’s changing how they work

Strikes Hit All 10 UC Campuses as 48,000 Union Academics Walk Quote: “Jacob Kemner, a doctorate student in environmental studies at UC Riverside who makes $28,000, said he’s forced to donate blood plasma twice weekly for $200 to earn extra money”. That’s… just not right.

‘Stealth predator’: L.A.’s famous mountain lion, P-22, killed Hollywood Hills Chihuahua

Cute: ‘I was astonished’: how a TikToker sent his dad’s unreleased 43-year-old song viral

Irene Cara, ‘Fame’ Star and ‘Flashdance’ Singer, Dead at 63

African scuba divers rewrite a ‘settlers’ narrative’ of the slave trade

Meet the YouTuber who struck it big by breaking down the songs he hates

‘I wrote 350 songs, and I couldn’t sing you one of them’: disco maestro Daniel Vangarde breaks his silence

‘All you have to do is participate’: how the Shotgun Seamstress zine made space for Black punks

Fleetwood Mac’s Christine McVie dies at age 79

Listened to – Music

Birdy – Keeping Your Head Up (Jonas Blue Remix)

SML – SOPHIE XEON (tribute mix)

Kristin Hersh – Your Ghost

The Whispers – “And The Beat Goes On”

Taco – Puttin’ On The Ritz (ZDF Silvester-Tanzparty, 31.12.1983) YouTube recommended this video to me, and while watching it, I remembered having watched this live on tv in 1983. It also explains about 87% of my personality.

Listened to – Podcasts

Heavyweight – #47 Frederick J. Brown

Watched – Films and Documentaries

Bros A typical romantic comedy, between two men this time.

This is Pop

In Pursuit of Repetitive Beats (VR experience)

Nothing Compares

White Balls on Walls

Meet Me in the Bathroom

Watched – TV and Youtube

Keepvogel en Kijkvogel

What is the Millennial Pause?

Why It’s So Hard For Foley Artists To Make Footstep Sounds | Movies Insider | Insider

NYC’s Strangest Apartment: $1850 to live inside a laundromat in New York City

☁️💙✨2022 May bullet journal plan with me/ drawing clouds with watercolor and gouache

80 hrs from London to Istanbul by Sleeper Train

2.5 Hour NYC Living Room Makeover By Pro Designer | Room Refresh | Architectural Digest

Inside Designer Anna Sui’s Otherworldly Apartment Filled With Wonderful Objects | Vogue

We tracked what happens after TikTok songs go viral

🤤 Your new favorite tofu dish, guaranteed. (椒鹽豆腐)

The Belgian City That Built A Metro Line… And Never Opened It

Everything You Need to Know About Platform Shoes | Vogue

The Story of ‘Unwritten’ By Natasha Bedingfield

Suburbs, Walkability, & Car Dependency | Internet Analysis

It’s that time again! Billie Eilish: Same Interview, The Sixth Year | Vanity Fair

Miscellaneous awesomeness

NYPL Library Card Blanket