This Month – November


Read – Online

Forty years ago, the Hollywood sign was restored completely.

Despite it of course being very wrong to mislead people like this, I do kind of admire the guts of the band that managed to book a European tour by faking their entire fanbase. It also shows the weakness of the current system where social media and likes reign supreme. And in a roundabout way, their trickery seems to have garnered them some actual real life fame now too.

Longread on the Los Angeles cult of betterment, that sometimes literally leads people into the hands of actual cults.

Pop music is such an old genre by now, that pop stars are getting old.

An interview with Florence Welch.

Video killed the radio star, the making of.

Reasons why a disproportional amount of YouTubers are dealing with burn out related issues.

Interesting article on M.I.A. and Lily Allen: “staying loud in a world that silences women“.

For reasons unknown, people seem to think that I’m a big fan of Lena Dunham(‘s work): I am not. I did struggle through the first season of “Girls” when it came out, because in those days, I felt I couldn’t reject things without having seen them. And I of course do not know her personally , but lets just say that this interview confirmed what I had concluded after all the information I had gotten about her over the years: that she suffers from a severe case of the LOL edgies combined with chronic foot in mouth disease. For those going, “Wow, LP, that’s kinda mean!”, not really.

Rookie Magazine is calling it quits. Tavi explains why in her last editor’s letter.

Interesting longread about ways of helping people who are suicidal.

Face it, Black Pete is blackface.

Listened to – Music

Mariah Carey – The Roof

The Too Many Zooz Christmas album, A Very Too Many Zooz Xmas vol 1.

Listened to – Podcasts

Note: I don’t mention 100% Dutch language podcast/documentaries in this blogpost, but I do on the Dutch counterpart of this post here.

I hate it but I love it on Labyrinth.

Watched – Films and Documentaries

Vilshult, a short and bittersweet documentary about “that IKEA poster”, you know, the one with the canal and the red bike.

Synth Britannia about the rise of the synthesiser in the UK.

Matangi. Maya. M.I.A..

Watched – TV and Youtube

Billie Eilish: Same Interview, One Year Apart.


Modern DIY DOLLHOUSE (how to make a cardboard dollhouse WITH LIGHTS).

DIY Miniature Rice cooker.

Repainting BIG FAKE BARBIE HEAD / How To Draw Dolls Face, Eyes, Lips / Realistic Speedpaint Tutorial.

HOW TO: tie a turban with large bow.

Miscellaneous awesomeness