This Month – October


Read – Online

Giorgio Armani: A lion in his winter years

Communities Can Tear Down Harmful Highways with $1 Billion in New Federal Grants

Not all ‘Gated’ Communities Have Gates

Parched California Just Set the Record for 3 Driest Years Ever Recorded

The Number of Homeless People Freezing to Death in L.A. Is on the Rise I used to believe that the homelessness problem in California was so pervasive because people weren’t freezing to death on the street, which made it easier to ignore. I now see that I was very, very naieve.

Loretta Lynn, Country Music Icon, Dies at 90

The Hollywood Sign is Getting a 100th Birthday Makeover

The Hollywood Sign webcam

A New Map Shows How Fast California’s Cliffs Are Collapsing

Despite Claimed Deal, Judge Won’t Halt L.A. Homelessness Lawsuit

Racial Imposter Syndrome Makes You Feel Like Your Identity Isn’t Yours

Angela Lansbury, Beloved Star of Murder, She Wrote, Dies at 96

Joyce Sims, R&B singer-songwriter, dies aged 63

Our Love/Hate Relationship With Journaling

Interview with Zoetica: The Mind Behind Chimereric Herbarium

Welcome To The Thumpaverse: Thumpasaurus Plots Its Next Moves [Interview]

Floral Sculpture Artist: Tracey Deep

Leslie Jordan, beloved actor and social media star, dead at 67

Listened to – Music

They Might Be Giants – Birdhouse in your Soul

Chicane feat. Bryan Adams “Don’t Give Up”

Deepest Blue – Deepest Blue

Joyce Sims – Come into my life

Dario G featuring David Bowie – Sunmachine

Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’ (Live 1981: Escape Tour – 2022 HD Remaster)

Green Velvet – La La Land

Foreigner – Cold As Ice (Live At The Rainbow ’78)

Tortured Agony – “Dead Man Trail” (Official HOLYBOOKOFWANG COVER Video)

EKKSTACY – i walk this earth all by myself (Official Visualizer)

Open Skies – Deep In Your Eyes (1992)

The Isley Brothers – It’s your thing (1969)

Four Tops – Reach Out (I’ll Be There) (1967)

Mitch Grassi – Your Power (cover)

Cafuné – Tek It (Lyrics) | I watch the moon

Leo P – Cold Duck Time (Eddie Harris Cover)

Brain Flower -Tash Sultana (LiveSessions)

Blind Melon – No Rain – Live MTV UK Studio 1993 Stereo

Rotterdam Termination Source – Poing

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll (Official Music Video)

Listened to – Podcasts

None in English.

Watched – Films and Documentaries

Do You Own the Dançefloor? A great documentary about the Haçienda nightclub, and literally owning the dance floor.

Watched – TV and Youtube

Fakes Two teenage friends start making fake ID’s. Then things get seriously out of hand;

This Woman’s Stunning Camper Van is the Best I’ve Ever Seen!

Hamza Yassin & Jowita Przystał Salsa to Ecuador by Sash! feat. Rodriquez ✨ BBC Strictly 2022

The Story of ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ by Wheatus

French Jumpstyle meeting 2020 | Lille – France

This Is Why The Bee Gees Rock.

I got this Omnichord for $10 at a thrift store!

The Legendary Song That Became the Rick Roll | The Story Of

Tricking My Way Into NYC’s Billionaire Penthouses | Fakes, Frauds and Scammers

Tony Hawk’s First Kickflip After Gruesome Injury Truly the G.O.A.T.

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