This month – September


Read – Online

Wanna expand your airport but there’s no room? In LA they just tear down an entire neighbourhood. I don’t think this would be considered an acceptable solution for Schiphol‘s issues.

For the people who walk a lot: Watch your step: why the 10,000 daily goal is built on bad science.

Here in Amsterdam some communications person at the city council decided to glue three streets together into the Eilandenboulevard (“Isle boulevard”), in SF and LA entire neighbourhoods are renamed by Google.

The V&A Dundee museum, you know, the one that looks like a boatis now officially open!

My new obsession: House of Talent, a real life soap series in which 8 talented young musicians compete against themselves and each other in hopes of establishing a musical career.

Listened to – Music

I’ve mostly been listening to whatever was being performed on House of Talent. Which, strangely enough for a show that claims to want to help co-create and launch original artist, are mostly covers.

Listened to – Podcasts

Only Dutch podcast De Machine, where I picked up on the whole House of Talent phenomenon.

Watched – Films and Documentaries

None! I obviously watched way too many episodes of House of Talent.

Watched – TV and Youtube

A relaxede Journal with me: let’s unwind & be creative.

The Death of the YouTuber: a video essay about YouTuber-dom has developed since 2005.

Yo-Yo Ma: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert.

A lovely holiday video fromm CatCreature, who visited her parents in Calfornia.

YouTube: Manufacturing Authenticity (For Fun and Profit): a captivating video essay in which manufactured authenticity is explored.

AHobonichi Techo 2019 unboxing!!!

An must view video for everyone who is considering getting a Watercolour Tattoo.

In this video, DJ and producer Steffi is exactly everything I want to be in my next life.

Miscellaneous awesomeness

I glazed some ceramics! As soon as they are back from being baked, I’ll add the insta picture.